How To Monetize A Blog on WordPress – 3 Tactics that Work!

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Having a blog is very important, it’s not only a way to earn some extra money on the side but its also a good way to express yourself and to cultivate an audience.  More than anything else, it allows you to establish your brand!

So, what happens once you’ve set up your blog on WordPress and your traffic is amazing? Well, it is time to monetize it.


This post will help you answer the question of how to monetize a blog on WordPress. Go through the individual steps carefully and unlock the full potential of your website. I may not always be easy, but I assure you it is worth it.



In case you haven’t created a blog yet, don’t worry. Look for tutorials on how to make a blog on word press, carefully follow the instructions and in no time, you will have one up and running.


In fact, I will post a quick video for you as an example:

30 second blog creation


Above all, be diligent on the type of content you want to create, make sure it is 100% original and useful, and you will end up having all the traffic you need.

benefits of a blog



In addition to using it to generate extra income, there are so many other benefits you will reap from having a blog.


Here are a few of the benies that we don’t always think about:


With a blog, you get to express yourself and share your passion with a wide audience. If you know you have some good ideas that will help someone out there whether in business, finance, cooking among many others, why don’t you share them through a blog?


You can establish your brand through your blog. This aspect does not get covered a lot but it is truly one of the most important things to establish if you want to gain credibility in your niche.  You want your name to become synonimous with the subject you cover.  Your own blog is the best way to do this


You can use your blog to create your virtual real estate empire.  We all know that real estate is an excellent way to amass wealth offline.  Did you know that your websites and blogs are also real estate?  They are online real estate and just like their physical counterparts can be sold for large sums of money.  By creating your own blog, you are starting yourvirtual real estate empire.  Check out this image below!

[IMage of sales of website]


You get to share content, connect with people around the globe and have an audience that you get to interact with through their comments. You get to reach a world wide audience!


Through blogging, you also get to sharpen your writing skills. You get to know what topics are interesting and appealing. Over time you become very skilled at getting your message accross.  Even more important, you learn to give your audience exactly what they want and need.

make money online



Let me take you through the steps that will enable you to monetize your blog. There is nothing more exciting than earning money while doing what you love most. Working on your own terms is an amzing feeling.  Here are 3 ways to monetize your wordpress blog:


Pay Per Click (PPC)


This is one of the most “sold” ways of making money on the internet.  I must warn you that a lot of Gurus are promoting this type of marketing and making a lot of money doing so.  The issue is that new people to the online scene have no business trying this method out.  It is complex and risky.


The startegy here is to join a PPC market like the hugely popular Google Adwords program and set up campaigns to pay for traffic.


You create short ads that will be displayed online.  When a reader clicks on the ad, they get taken to a sales page promoting your product of choice.


You pay Google everytime someone clicks on your ad.  The key is to generate more income from sales than you spend in clicks.


However, this is an excellent advanced method for blog owners that have a lot of experience online.  They can generate massive amounts of traffic that converts.  If you know what you are doing, this method is definitely the way to go.


• Fast results
• Ability to test quickly


• Hard to learn
• You can lose a lot of money very quickly



Known as Google AdSense, this is one of those sites that you sign in, get a code snippet, embed it in your blog and ads will be shown on your site prompting visitors to view them.


Google AdSense is highly recommended, and it is used by many people worldwide. You can also replace your normal search bar with Google Custom Search Engine, this way when someone makes a search he/she gets to view some ads, and you get paid for that.


Adsence is the largest ad marketing platform.  This type of marketing is extremely appealing because it is truly “passive”.  You place code on your posts and you are done!

• Easy to implement (all you need is get a code, embed it on your blog and you are good to go)
• You can run ads on multiple websites using one account.
• You get to customize your ads (you can change colour, text, images among others)


• Low Payout
• Needs a lot of traffic to make a significant amount


Affiliate Marketing


Don’t let the complex term scare you, affiliate marketing is not overly complicated. This is a way through which you get to promote products on your WordPress blog.  When purchases are made through your website, you get a commission.


In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to monetize your blog, and if you have good traffic, you will earn much more than with ads alone.


The biggest benefit of affiliate marketing is that there are no inventories needed, no shipping or customer care. All you need is someone to purchase a product using your affiliate link.


• One of the best paying methods


• Can be hard to generate any income in the first 3 months.

affiliate marketing blog



WordPress blogging is a way you can use to share knowledge, sharpen your writing skills and most important of all earn extra money.

If you have a blog that is up and running with tons of visitors and you have yet to monetize it, then you are missing out on big money making an opportunity.


I highly suggest you give affiliate marketing a try!


If you enjoyed the video on how to create a blog in 30 seconds, I have excellent news for you.


You can do the same thing in the next five minutes.  Even better, you can get access to all the tools and educations to get you started for FREE!




I hope you enjoyed this post.  Please leave me your thoughts and comments below.  I love hearing from my readers!


To your affiliate success!







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  1. Great article explaining three ways to make money from a blog… 🙂 I’m currently in the process of implementing google adsense and affiliate marketing onto my blog… I didn’t know about the added benefit of placing a google search bar on your site though, thank you! I plan on implementing that one right away! 🙂

    • Hi Blakey! Thanks for commenting. I am glad that you found the article helpful. Come back and let us know how your adsense and affiliate marketing are going. I would love to hear back from you

  2. Hey Mike, really enjoyed your article and the information you provided is very useful. I certainly have seen enough scammy things related to affiliate marketing and thank you for giving a “real” approach to doing it the right way with the right connections. All the best!

    • Thanks for your comments Myles. There simply are no shortcuts in life and certainly not in affiliate marketing! Plan the work and work the plan as they say. Consistent effort over a period of a few short months will yield success most of the time. Stick to it and you will make it

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