Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program Features

best affiliate marketing training program features

There are hundreds, if not thousands of programs on the internet today that promise you that they will teach you all the secrets of affiliate marketing, and help you unlock the money floodgates so that you will be swimming in cash in no time.


Saying most of these programs are scams is a huge understatement.


They over promise and under deliver, all in a bid to get you to give them your hard-earned cash. Such scammy programs have ruined it for everyone in the affiliate market space because the industry has been painted with the bad picture of having scammers lurking at every corner.


Fortunately, legitimate and high-quality programs always find a way to stand out from the crowd. There are a few telltale signs that you can look out for to help you determine which programs are good and which ones are mediocre. This article will highlight all the various best affiliate marketing training program features to help you make better decisions.




There are many different types of training out there today. These include:


1. Simple PDF courses: This type of training focuses on specific training. In most cases, one aspect of affiliate marketing is highlighted, for example, SEO or email marketing.


These courses consist almost exclusively of text with images used to illustrate a point. How-to sections of the PDF will have screenshots to help walk you though certain processes.


The benefits of these types of courses are that they are very portable, easy to understand and usually pretty inexpensive. If you go through a reputable affiliate you should have no problems getting a refund if you accidentally purchase a scam product. Clickbank, CJ, JVZoo and shareasale are all reputable networks that should not give you a hard time if you ask for a refund within the allotted time.


However, by being short and very focused, these types of courses sacrifice comprehensiveness. Simple PDF courses do not tackle Affiliate Marketing from A-Z.


2. Mentorship Circles: This type of training takes a broader approach to Affiliate Marketing. Mentorship Circles come in all shapes and forms, for example, they can be in form of weekly webinars or as a series of emails. The more involved ones offer physical training several times a year at various locations.


Depending on the circle, the training can be on general Affiliate Marketing or specific Affiliate Marketing topics.


With mentorship circles, there is a chance that you might get some individual attention, especially if your group is smaller. This can be an excellent way to learn affiliate marketing.


The big issue I have with mentoring circles is that many of them do not provide the level of support you would expect. The training material is often stale. Most of the communication with the “mentor” is via an obvious email list. To be honest, I feel like this is just a way for the “mentor” to secure a large payment or a recurring passive income from customers.


These mentorship circles vary widely in costs. I have seen some in the $8000 – $10,000 range.


Before you get into one of thee, please make sure that you do your due diligence!


3. Memberships Sites: Good membership sites will cover every aspect of Affiliate Marketing from A-Z.


If you are a beginner or intermediate marketer, membership sites can be very valuable resources.


You will be able to access excellent tutorials and tools and get lots of individual attention and personalized help from the community, which you can access at any time of day.


Look for a membership site that has been around for a long time. This shows that they have been able to provide their users with effective and up-to-date content. they would not still be in business if they didn’t.


The downside to these types of membership sites is usually that there is a monthly recurring cost. The other issue I found is that newbies can often experience information overload. The program should have a clearly defined blueprint to guide new members through all the appropriate steps and avoid confusion or unnecessary steps.


training focus




Affiliate Marketing is a series of steps as opposed to just being one activity. The best affiliate marketing training should guide you through all the four required steps:


1. Market selection:

The market you pick is called a niche. A niche market is a small and specialized market for a particular product or service.


Niche markets are part of larger markets, with their own needs and preferences.


For example, marketing electronic gadgets is a niche, but you can target it further by marketing computers, or specifically laptop computers, or even laptop computer screens.


As a strategy, niche marketing is aimed at being the biggest fish in a small pond, as opposed to being a small fish in a big pond. Concentrating all your efforts on a small, specific and well-defined segment of the population is key.


Let me explain my statement above. If your niche is “golf”, you will be a small fish in a big pond. If however, your niche is “golf putters for left-handed women” chances are that over time, your blog will become a big fish in a smaller pond, due to picking a more focused and specific niche. make sense?


2. Build a website:


You need a platform through which you can interact with your chosen niche. A website or blog will be this platform.


Many gurus will advertise methods of implementing affiliate marketing without a site. This is very interesting since they are using a site themselves to market a product to you!


They are not exactly lying. You can probably make some commissions without a site (using social media exclusively). The issue is that these ill not be steady commissions that you can build a business around. They will be sporadic at best.


Focus on building a website or blog because it will be the foundation of your business.


Through it, you will build your brand over time. You will communicate with your audience and eventually, when you have their trust and enough traffic, you will monetize it.


One thing that I highly recommend is to treat your blog or website like you would real estate. Not a lot of people know this, but websites get bought and sold just like homes do. If your site generates $1000/ month, you can expect to sell it for $10,000 – $15,000! You are building a real asset.


3. Attract Visitors:

Your Affiliate marketing business runs on traffic.


You need to increase traffic if you want your business to stay afloat. To do this, you need to attract visitors to your business and build loyalty.


One of the best ways to do this is by creating original, interesting and helpful content that will add benefit to your users’ lives.


This means that you will be spending a lot of time writing blog posts and articles. You can enhance the effectiveness of your content by using social media to spread the reach of your content and create buzz around your site. I find this is very important, especially in the beginning when the search engines are not giving you any love yet!


4. Monetize:

This is the main reason why you signed up for that Affiliate Marketing training program.


You need to make money. This is the fun part. However, like in any business, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this.


Most people do it the wrong way, and their businesses suffer tremendously for their mistakes.


The best and most difficult advice to follow that I can give you is to help your customers instead of selling to them. This mindset shift is incredibly powerful. If you get nothing out of this whole post, please remember this point. Never sell to your audience, find a way to help them instead.


Be extremely picky in your recommendations. Make sure you have firsthand experience with the product or service you are recommending. Would you offer this to your husband, wife, mother or father? You should use the highest standards when selecting a recommendation because your reputation and ultimately your business depend on it.


affiliate marketing tools




The best affiliate marketing training program features must include a set of the latest tools to make your life easier.


Furthermore, these tools should be included in the membership (no additional costs), because you want to make money, not spend it. They should help you free up a bit more of your time to focus on living life. Here are some of the tools you should be looking for:


1. Keyword tools:

As indicated earlier, you need traffic to make it in this business. To generate traffic, you need good content. And to create the best content, you need the right keywords. A keyword tool will help you target the best keywords and ensure that all the content you generate captures the attention of everyone.


What are the “best keywords”? The membership site should cover this in-depth but essentially you should focus on what are called the “low hanging fruit” keywords. What the heck is that?


Low hanging fruit keywords are ones that generate some traffic but are relatively low competition. This means that these keywords are not overly targeted by other marketers. More importantly, they are not targeted by the big websites in your niche.


2. Website Builder:

You need a simple website builder that recognizes the fact that not everyone has coding skills. Your website builder should allow you to create your website without any technical knowledge. You should be able to simply insert the parameters you want and voila! You are in business.


This is the part that stumps most affiliate marketing new comers. They are very intimidated with this step because most do not have any coding skills. Many come to this business without much in the way of computer or PC skills either.


A good membership site will help you overcome these hurdles. The truth is that you don’t need to be a webmaster for this business. It is called affiliate marketing, not website building for a reason.


Over time, you will learn enough to do everything you need to do on your blogs or websites. The membership site should have a tool for you to create your site, online support to answer any questions you may have, and a dedicated IT staff in case you encounter big issues.


3. Content Templates:

Content templates come in handy when you need to come up with something good and convincing but nothing comes to mind, or perhaps you do not have the time.


Writing content is another hurdle for many people. While it is really not as hard as people make it out to be, content writing does take some time.


Look for templates to cover different types of content creation. There should be templates for privacy policies, about us pages, and various other disclosures.


The templates should be backed up with grammar checking tools as well as spell checkers. All these tools are geared to making your writing experience more effective.

affiliate marketing success



Make sure you do some thorough research before committing to any type of affiliate marketing training.


With these tips, you will be able to tell a good quality affiliate marketing training program from a fishy one.


If you need some help with selecting an affiliate marketing training program, I would like to offer you my recommendation.


It is absolutely FREE and offers a great deal of the support and tools that I outlined above.


You will get access to first 10 step-by-step classes in the Online Entrepreneur training program (the most used blueprint in this program). You will also have access to 2 free websites where you can implement what you learned in the lessons. You will also get access to the website building tool that will have your site up and online in less than a minute.




If you are in a hurry, skip to the part titled “STARTER MEMBERSHIP- WHAT DO YOU GET FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE”


I hope that you find this content helpful. If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section. I will get back to you ASAP!


Thank you,


To your affiliate success,



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  1. Well done. This an informative post. After all, there are tons of different ways to go about affiliate marketing. I think this post nailed it. Thanks.

    • Thanks Stephen, I am glad you found value in my post!

  2. Hi Mike. Thanks for sharing these lists with us newcomers to affiliate marketing.
    The PDF courses I have looked at were not comprehensive enough, and the mentor programmes are way to expensive for me. So that just left the membership sites. Your breakdown of what a good site offers is a great place to start the search for the best one. I will be going to look at your recommendation soon to see what your research has uncovered. Thanks again for doing all of the research which saves me lots of time.
    Kind regards.

    • Thanks for your comment Andrew! I believe that my recommendation is one of the best resources for people that are new to affiliate marketing. Check out my review and make sure you pay special attention to the free section. There is so much value there that I am sure it will blow you away! I know it did blow me away 🙂

  3. Hello Mike, great article on Affiliate Marketing. I have starting out with Wealthy Affiliate about a year ago, and learned a lot from this program. I believe that if you take this opportunity seriously, and work hard on your business, then you should succeed. I am currently building out my website, and working hard so my Marketing Business can really take off someday.

    • Hi Ahmad! You are absolutely correct in saying that to succeed, we need to work hard on our business! There are really no short cuts! I found Wealthy Affiliate to be an excellent resource with step-by-step directions and courses. They are, in my opinion, the best blueprint for affiliate marketing success. Keep on plugging away at your business Ahmad. Success is surely around the next corner!

      Mike A

  4. Hey Mike, thanks for this informative article. Unfortunately, there are many scams out there where you get little for your money. I am now a few months at Wealthy Affiliate and I never regretted it. The community, the webinars and the training you get is just amazing! I wished that I would know about this before.

    • Hi Nathalie!

      I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely phenomenal. The training, tools and support are second to none. Unfortunately, most of us have been scammed at some point or another. The great news is that we ended up on Wealthy Affiliate – I would like to help others discover wealthy affiliate like we did!

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