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cash formula review

Cash Formula is a Clickbank product that promises to help you make over $5000 in less than 24 hours. I had about it from a friend some time back, and I decided to do a detailed review of it. So, is it a legit system or is it all hype? Well, this Cash Formula review will help you decide that for yourself. Let’s begin!


Product Being Reviewed: Cash Formula Review



Cash Formula is a Clickbank product by Michael Green that makes a lot of big claims, including guaranteeing that when you use it, you will be making over $5000 a day within the next 24 hours. For only $37, anyone can get their hands on this amazing product, and you do not even need any prior experience with online businesses to get started. Sounds pretty amazing, right? But is it really, though?


When you load the site, you will realize that it looks and gives off the same vibe as many other similar product websites. The sales page has a pitch video full of testimonials, income statements and lots of promises. Michael Green announces that you have just discovered the world’s first free done for you free money system. And you need to sign up for the product immediately before the only remaining 7 slots get filled up and you miss your chance. Right off the bat he starts trying to create that feeling of urgency within you, making you feel like if you do not act now you will be missing out. A desperate person will not take the time to think and do their research about this product before making a purchase. Sadly, this is exactly the kind of people that these products prey upon.






When you buy the product, you will be immediately hit with up sell after up sell, making sure that the initial $37 will definitely not be the only money you hand over. Which, when you think about it, contradicts his initial statements in a huge way. I mean, if the system is supposed to be free, and he is doing the world a favor by sharing it with everyone, why does he have to charge for it?


cash formula hype


Michael goes on to say that his system can make you over $100,000 in the next 30 days. He says this success is guaranteed. According to him, this is unlike any other product you have ever come across. He says he is sorry if you have fallen for scams before, but all that is behind you now. Cash Formula is here now, and you can trust him. He is going to change your life. You will soon be making more than $5000 a day and over $100,000 every month. This kind of talk goes on and on for what seems to be the entire duration of the video. As you watch the video, you will be intensely aware that you are being lathered up before some big reveal at the end, which is where they ask for your money.


Cash Formula makes a lot of big claims. Sadly, there are no actual proofs of what they are claiming to be true. The testimonials are from fake accounts and paid actors, and you cannot trust the income proofs they show. The video also gives very vague, generic information that can apply to almost anything and anyone in any situation. I watched the video to the end, and all Michael talked about was how he makes money without working, and how he can help you do the same. He never mentions once exactly how he intends to do that, or how exactly his system works.


All we are told is that it a done for you system that was developed by a group of Ukrainian coders in 2010 and bought by Michael after a few years. He says owning that system is like “holding the Holy Grail”, and it is finally possible for anyone anywhere to be rich. Except letting in over 100 people is too risky, and it will “draw too much attention” to his system. So, he is only going to share it with a few lucky people. If you do not pay up now, you will be missing out.


A few more red flags leapt out at me. Apart from the crazy claims, I also did a reverse search on Michael Green’s photo and found out it was a stock image from a site called freepik. There is no social media account for a Michael Green who is associated with Cash Formula. If this product is so awesome, wouldn’t he want his real self to be associated with it and not hide behind a pen name?


Fake income statements, fake testimonials from Fiverr actors, and a whole host of other little things that I have come to expect from such sites, such as the lack of any contact address, further made me very suspicious of Cash Formula. Nevertheless, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and dig deeper.




There is no free money system that exists anywhere in the world. There is no secret button hidden someplace that you can push and money starts flowing into your weekday after day or week after week. This is all simply just lies that Cash Formula has fabricated to bait naïve internet users.


When you buy Cash Formula, you will realize that it gives you access to some generic training on affiliate marketing with Amazon. You get a video series on how to set up a WordPress site, a WordPress theme with an instructional video on how to set it up, and 4 PDFs. These training materials are also pretty outdated, being about a year old at the date of this writing. So, no secret methods and Ukrainian coders here.






Truth be told, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model. It is where you promote someone else’s products and get paid a commission whenever you make a sale. It is simple, straightforward, and people have been doing it for years. So, if you were expecting a totally new, innovative money-making method, you will be disappointed.


You can make money with affiliate marketing, but not the way Michael describes it. You will definitely not be making the kind of money he is promising any time soon. If you buy the product with this expectation, that will be your next disappointment. Affiliate marketing takes time, hard work and a willingness to learn continuously before you can start seeing any cash flowing in. Often, it takes months or years of consistent work before the real money starts coming in. It is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme like Cash Formula would want you to believe.




Like I said, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model. However, the way Cash Formula presents it is inaccurate. The product uses outright lies to trick unsuspecting people into buying it, making guarantees that are impossible to back up. For instance, no one can guarantee success in any form when it comes to anything in life, and definitely not with online businesses. There is also no way you can make $5000 in 24 hours with Amazon affiliates without spending a few thousand dollars yourself.


cash formula promises


When you pay and get accepted into the program, you will be immediately hit with up sell after up sell. Products like this one do this because they know you are entitled to a full refund of the initial purchase price from Clickbank if you so wish, but the money back guarantee does not cover the costs of upsells. This is why they throw upsells worth hundreds of dollars in your face, knowing that once you buy them, they get to keep the money no matter what.


With this program, you get basic video and text tutorials that combine to form an outdated introductory course to Amazon affiliate marketing. I will be the first person to tell you that you can easily get all this information and more online for absolutely free. In fact, when you sign up as an affiliate in many popular platforms such as Amazon and eBay, you are given a free, up to date introductory course on how to be an effective affiliate marketer. This is already more value than what Cash Formula promises.


Done for you systems like Cash Formula usually only work for the creators. Sure, you might make a few hundred dollars if you apply everything they tell you, and if you also add a lot of your own research on top of that. But is it worth it in the long run? Not in my opinion. This is not the way to go if you intend to build a long-term business. In fact, using the Cash Formula system means that you are relying on their platform, and if the website goes down like they say it eventually will, all your hard work also disappears with it.




Cash Formula is a product that simply just doesn’t work as advertised. It uses lies to get you to commit to the program with $37, then pushes upsells in the hundreds of dollars to make more money off you. Will you make any money off it? Perhaps. Will you recover your initial investment? Probably not any time soon. And you definitely will not see the thousands of dollars that you bought the product expecting to earn by the next day.


The only good thing about Cash Formula is the 60-day Clickbank money back guarantee. At least you can get your money back. Only if you do not buy any upsells, though, because the guarantee does not extend to the upsells.


If you want to try your hand at Amazon affiliate marketing, a good place to start is within Amazon itself. The Amazon platform offers some up-to-date training to all new members, and you can find everything you need to know to help you make your first dollar with the program. You can then level up your skills by reading niche blogs and websites and gathering all the information you need for free. There are tons of resources out there that will help you navigate the ins and outs of Amazon affiliate marketing. They may not be in a neat bundle, but you can get the info if you look for it.


So, when all is said and done, is Cash Formula a scam? I’ll let you decide that for yourself based on these facts.


I too use affiliate marketing to make money online. In fact, I also have Amazon affiliate sites. I know for a fact that there are no short cuts. It takes hard work, dedication and lots of time. Anyone that tells you otherwise is not being truthful. Anyone that tells you that you can potentially make $100,000.00 in 30 days is outright full of it. I realize that the author of this product says you can “potentially” make XYZ. It is still B.S.


I am a member of a fantastic affiliate marketing community. The training is second to none. The support is even better. You get free websites and online certification courses. Best of all, It is free to start. No credit card information, no commitments.


You have absolutely nothing to lose. I hope you take the opportunity to check it out!






Well I hope you found this review helpful. Please leave me your comments below. I love to hear from my readers!


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