Can Affiliates Earn An Income From Niche Marketing? SCAM or Not?

can affiliates earn an income from niche marketing

Can affiliates earn an income from niche marketing? Let’s say that you have a problem. The problem isn’t all that big, but if someone can help you solve it then you might be willing to pay a decent amount for the solution. Now what if you have a really serious problem, one that’s causing you a lot of pain in different ways?


Here are some examples:


  • Something is causing you a lot of worry or stress to the point of making it hard to function from day to day.
  • You’re worried about the prospect of embarrassment or humiliation.
  • You’re in serious physical pain or you’re frustrated that you can’t do something you want to do

The more serious any of the above pain points are, then the more someone would be willing to pay to anyone who can solve the problem. This is really all niche marketing is, offering solutions to a particular group of people who are desperate for it.


It’s even better when the niche is really not being served right and you’re one of the only people offering a solution. So the answer would be yes, affiliates can earn an income from niche marketing. Affiliates would just have to make sure they targeted the right niche with the right solutions to their problems.


In order to help clarify this concept, let me go into detail about what a niche is exactly.

what is a niche



A niche is a group of targeted people who want a specific solution to a specific problem.


Another way to define it would be a group of people who are interested in a particular thing. It can be a hobby, a lifestyle or any other number of things. Some niches are big while others are small.


The money to be made in one niche might not be as good as another niche and for different reasons.





You don’t want a niche that’s too broad. For instance if you wanted to be in the “dating” niche, then this is pretty broad and there’s a lot of competition.


Does this mean you couldn’t be in this niche? No, but you’d have to find what we call a more targeted segment of the niche. Instead of focusing on dating in this case maybe we focus on “dating for those who have social anxiety”. This would be a niche within a niche, but likely a smaller one.


If the people in it are under served, then you have a potential goldmine on your hands.


The criteria for selecting a niche should be:

  • The niche should be a group of people with a problem they can’t solve.
  • It should be broad enough, but not too broad to where they’ll be a lot of competition.
  • If possible, the niche should be under served but this is not a necessity


This is basically it in a nutshell.




There are different ways to be successful at niche marketing, but the main way is to know your niche. Think about it. If you’re going to take advice from someone about anything, then you want to be sure they know what they’re talking about right?


If you know your niche then you’ll know how they think, how they feel, what their pain points are and how to best address them.


The best way to go about researching your niche or finding a good one would be an old-fashioned approach. We’re talking about using forums associated with the niche. You can use these forums in order to find the specific problems and different pain points they have. Look for questions that come up frequently or those that have a high view count.


After this, all you have to do is provide solutions to their problems and different pain points. You would want to do some research in Google though to see what other products/services are out there if any. Research the best possible solution that you think will help your niche.



People will purchase products you recommend if they trust you and believe the solution you’re offering to their problem is going to truly help. The people in any niche aren’t going to want to feel like all someone after is money, because should they have questions or need back end support you likely won’t provide it.


Your main aim with niche marketing should be to help people and not sell. Focus on the value creation part, then the sales will follow.


In order to find a high quality solution to any problem it’s going to require research and you’ll have to put in the time to do this. You would want nothing but the best solutions and in different forms as well.


This means being willing to recommend physical solutions as well as those that would come in digital form. A good example would be a product on Amazon that’s highly rated along with a video course.


If you have built trust and have a loyal following, you will have a lot of success in affiliate marketing. Once you make a product recommendation, your audience will heed your advice and a certain percentage will make the purchase.


This is called a conversion rate. So you can see how important it is to have a lot of traffic. Over time your conversion rate will settle down, so the only and best way to increase your earnings will be by increasing the amount of people that see your recommendations.

affiliate marketing help



Niche marketing can be one of the most powerful means to make money online if done right. It enables you to focus like a hawk on specific clusters of people with specific wants and needs. You can tailor your efforts to them as you want in order to build trust and credibility.


“If done right”! That is a sneaky little statement with a lot of meaning and importance. Many people try their hand at affiliate marketing. Unfortunately the vast majority never make a penny.


Affiliate marketing is not difficult. It is hard work and requires time and effort, but it is not hard. There is a difference.


With the right plan of action and a deep commitment, I believe that anyone can make it in Affiliate marketing.


What if I told you that there is a blueprint and a community that will help you to select a niche, to launch a website and to start writing amazing content—–for FREE?


These are the same exact tools that I have used to create this very blog and to write the content that you are now reading.


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I hope you take me up on the offer! Keep your credit card in your wallet because you won’t need it. Free is free.


I hope you found this article helpful. Please leave me comments, questions and thoughts below. I love to hear from my readers.


To your affiliate success,





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