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az sniper review


AZ Sniper is a product that claims it can help you make up to $1500 a day in Amazon commissions. That’s a pretty bold claim to make. It would be pretty amazing if I had just stumbled upon a product that could do that. But does it really work as advertised or is it just another scam? This AZ Sniper review will help you answer that question.


Product Being Reviewed: AZ Sniper




AZ Sniper, also called Amazon Sniper, is a Clickbank product by Stephen Ford that claims to use the Amazon affiliate program to make you over $1500 a day in commissions. He says he developed the system after finding “secret” websites that showed him how to maximize earnings from Amazon.


The website looks like that of many other websites that I have reviewed here before. The sales page has a running banner at the top that reads:


“If you are in [your country] you can make up to $1500 in Amazon Commissions!”


Below that is the pitch video with a form underneath it and a big blue button that you need to click if you are ready to get started for “only $37”. And that’s it. That is the entire website. If you click the button you are taken to the Clickbank checkout page, and $37 will be deducted from your account.








I watched the entire pitch video, which is several minutes long. I think most of what was said there could have been said in a much shorter video since the spokesperson kept going round and round in circles repeating the same things over and over. Anyway, here is a breakdown of the video:


The video starts with the spokesperson congratulating you for being specially selected to try out a new and revolutionary e-commerce system that ordinary people are using right now to make $1500 a day. He says he is going to take the next few minutes to show you how simple it is to make money with this system.


az sniper income claims


Next follows profit proofs. This is a common tactic that many such sites use to convince you that they really know what they are talking about.


Then comes the video testimonials, with people claiming that they can’t believe a system like this even exists. The first person has made $64,890 in 6 weeks. The next person makes over $1586 per day. The third person thanks AZ Sniper for giving her the freedom to live her life the way she wants to. The spokesperson then says that ordinary people are making over $500,000 every year with this system, and you can too. A closer look at the people giving these testimonials will reveal that they are only paid actors from Fiverr. They have been paid to say exactly what you want to hear, so these testimonials are not legitimate.


Next, he clarifies that this is nothing illegal, and not Bitcoin or stocks or binary options. The opportunity he is talking about is from a completely legitimate website, Amazon. The powerful “one-click profit system” works with Amazon to help you make over $40,000 a month. Here I have to admit that it really is possible to make money with Amazon. However, it is not as easy as AZ Sniper makes it sound, and there is no “one click profit system” in existence. But more on that later.


az sniper with Amazon


He explains that Amazon is one of the biggest companies on earth, and it makes millions every day. Jeff Bezos is the richest man alive. And the best part about Amazon is that it is available worldwide, so anyone can take advantage of these profits. And you can reach all your potential customers from the comfort of your home. He says that this system can help you make money while at the mall, at the gym, or while you are spending time with your family and friends. Even if you have tried making money online before and failed, this system is foolproof, and you are guaranteed to make money with it.


Next, he tells his own personal story. This is another tactic that almost all these websites use. The personal stories are usually sad rags-to-riches stories created specifically to make you relate to them and believe that if someone like that can find success with this product, so can you. And that is exactly what you get here.


He introduces himself as Stephen Ford and tells you that just two years ago, he had no job, was in debt and felt completely hopeless. He couldn’t make rent and he was close to giving up on his pursuits of earning a livable income online after failing multiple times. He had graduated from college with a computer science degree but could only find dead-end jobs. He tried everything, from web design, coding, content marketing, PPC advertising, creating audio books, online tutoring, trading currencies. Nothing worked for him. As his bills were piling up, his girlfriend announced that she was pregnant. So, we have a jobless, homeless graduate who is in debt and has a pregnant girlfriend, and he is at the end of his wits trying to get out of his situation. If that doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, I don’t know what will.


The story is not over yet. He knew he needed to make money fast, but everything he tried kept disappointing him. Just when he was close to giving up, his 14-year-old nephew introduced him to making money on Amazon. Another typical theme in these stories: help from an unlikely source!


The next part of his story is where he finds his own personal success: He decided to learn everything he could about Amazon. In his search, he found a few “secret” websites that showed him how to make as much money from Amazon as possible. He tried his newfound methods, and his profits immediately shot up. In three months, he was making more than $10,000 a week from Amazon.


After that, the story comes full circle. The product needs to be made, and we need to hear a nice, touching story behind it: One day, his friend, Mark, was in financial trouble. That’s when he realized that other people also need to make an extra income online, and he decided to develop the AZ Sniper system to help people like him out. He needed a system that could help anyone make money with Amazon, no matter their experience. He leveraged his computer science background and created the AZ Sniper system. He wanted it to be able to allow anyone to set up within 10 minutes and start making money from day 1.


So, there you have it. The AZ Sniper story. A story which has obviously been designed to get you to relate to them and happily hand over your money.


He says his system won’t make you a millionaire overnight. Anyone who says they can make you a millionaire overnight is lying. I say anyone who promises to help you make $1500 on your first day is equally lying.




Then comes the Ask. This is usually the final part of these videos, where you are convinced to buy the product. Here is how he does it:


Stephen says because he created the system to help people, he is not going to charge you anything close to the true value of the product for it. If you want full access to this revolutionary new system, all you have to pay is $37. And you get your hands on a money-making system that will make you over $1500 every day. He says this is the greatest financial opportunity of your lifetime, and you will regret not grabbing it right now.


Because he wants you to be confident in your purchase decision, he is ensuring that you are protected by a 60-day money back guarantee from Clickbank. Which means if you are not happy about AZ Sniper, you can get your money back. So, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!


With this product, you will finally be able to quit your dead-end job and answer to no one. You can jet off to any exotic location in the world and still keep making the same amount of money every day. Now that you know how easy it is, and he has proven to you that anyone can do it, you need to take action if you truly want to go after your dreams.


He tries to convince you some more with pictures of flashy cars and the kind of lifestyle you could be living if you take advantage of this opportunity. He says the only way you are going to get there is to click the link on the sales page and sign up. Do it now because if you hesitate, you will miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. The website won’t be up forever, so you need to act now. And don’t worry, customer support is personally handled by him, so you should be up and running in no time. So, sign up if you want to change your life.


He keeps asking you to sign up like this for a few more minutes. He says stuff like:


“Sign up right now and start living the life you deserve.”

“Don’t put this off for another second.”

“You will regret missing out on this opportunity for the rest of your life if you do not sign up NOW.”


You get the idea. Create a perceived feeling of anxiety and urgency in the buyer, forcing them to make a quick decision without thinking about it too much. Stephen pulls every stop to get you to hand over your cash and get access to the members’ area. And if you try to log out without signing up, you get a $10 discount, so you can now purchase the product for $27.

what is az sniper?




Now that you know what this product is and what it claims to do, let’s take a look at what it actually does and how it really works.


It should come as no surprise that AZ Sniper will not work as advertised. Stephen only tells you what you want to hear, because he knows that everyone wants a lot of money for little to no work. And that is something that does not exist.


Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model that allows you to make money by promoting other people’s products. When a sale is made from one of your leads, you earn a commission from it. Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business ventures you can engage in because it has an uncapped earning potential, meaning you can earn as much money as you want from it. The more you sell, the more you make. The best part is that it can finally give you the freedom to be your own boss.


On the flip side, this level of success with affiliate marketing doesn’t come easily. Just like any other business, it takes hard work and a lot of time put in before you can start seeing any sort of consistent income. So, the few hours or minutes of work a day that AZ Sniper is talking about is very misleading. Plus, there is almost zero chance you will start making money the same day you start.


What AZ Sniper gives you is a guide on how to get started with affiliate marketing on Amazon, and how to set up your first affiliate marketing website. You will not get any “system” that will allow you to make money by pressing a few buttons.


Here is how the Amazon affiliate program actually works:


First, you will need to sign up for the Amazon FBA program. This is a simple process, and you will be given free tutorials on how to get started with the system. So, the basics are pretty much covered, and you do not need any such products for that.


You will need to pick a niche and find products in that niche to promote. You will also need to figure out who you are going to be promoting these products to, and how you will get that sort of audience. Affiliate marketing is all about traffic. If you make 1 sale for every 100 people, it means that you need to a very large number of people for your business to be profitable. The best way to amass this sort of audience and traffic is by using a website.


So, you will need a good website before you can get started. But a website does not automatically mean traffic. People need to know about you, and they need to want to go through you instead of going directly to Amazon. This is where SEO and keyword research come in. You need to be an authority in your niche, and you need to build a reputation as someone who can be trusted. You can do this by constantly putting out quality, original content over an extended period of time.


As a newbie, things can get pretty tricky. However, it is easy to learn everything by trying stuff out and fixing them as you go. This is why success in affiliate marketing takes time. It is a constant learning process.


With AZ Sniper, you get some basic introduction training to all this. However, you can bet on anything that $37 is not all this product is going to cost you. There are several upsells in the members’ area after you sign up. Some of these upsells are actually for essential skills that you need for this system to work. In the end, you are looking at another $400+ in the long run.

will az sniper make you money?




This is a difficult question to answer because it is highly subjective. If you have a little experience with the Amazon affiliate program, you might make some money with this product. But chances are if you are an experienced affiliate marketer, you will not fall for the AZ Sniper system.


If you are a beginner, it is still possible to make some money with AZ Sniper. You will likely be very disappointed that it does not live up to its promise, but you might make your initial $37 back. Plus, if you are not happy, you can always take advantage of the Clickbank 60-day money back guarantee and get your $37 back. However, if you buy any upsells, you will not be getting any of that money back. The money back guarantee only covers the initial $37.


It is possible to make money with Amazon. Many people are doing it, and some are even getting the numbers AZ Sniper is talking about. However, it is not as easy as this product makes it sound, and if you go in with this mentality, you will be disappointed.




In my opinion, AZ Sniper is not worth the $37 price tag. I don’t think anyone should be paying their hard-earned cash for this product. Let me explain why:


1. Amazon has more detailed, more up to date tutorials on how to get started with their affiliate program, and it is available for free to anyone who wants to join the program. This is already more value than what AZ Sniper has to offer.


2. When you sign up to this program, you agree to get added to their mailing lists. This mailing list will be shared with third parties, and you will soon start getting hundreds of spam emails. It is not worth the torture.


3. The lessons in this product are likely already outdated. When it comes to online businesses, things can change pretty fast. You might be stuck with lessons, tips, and tricks that you can no longer apply.


4. The lessons in AZ Sniper are readily available all over the web, for absolutely free. All you have to do is google “how to make money with Amazon Affiliates”, and you will get more websites than you can check out in a lifetime. In fact, I believe whoever created this product did exactly this, and simply made a compilation from several different sources.


For these reasons, I do not believe AZ Sniper is worth your while.


thoughts about az sniper




Products like AZ Sniper usually have telltale signs that should serve as red flags and should be enough to warn you to stay away from them. The only people who end up making money when it comes to these products are the people behind them. Whatever you decide to do, I hope this AZ Sniper review has laid out all the facts you need to make the right choice. Good luck!


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To your affiliate success!


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