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traffic multiplier review


Traffic Multiplier is a new product that was launched earlier this year. It promises to help you make over $227 per day in pure profit with an automated system that takes advantage of 100% free tools. So, is it a legit product or is it just another scam? Read this Traffic Multiplier Review to find out!


Product Reviewed: Traffic Multiplier




Traffic Multiplier Pro is a Clickbank product by Glynn and Leigh Kosky. It is a product that promises to help you drive traffic and generate leads by using simple free tools that it makes available to you.


The official website has a pitch video that makes a compelling case for the product. It talks about how you never hear about how much money online marketers actually spent getting the results they brag about. In any business, the goal is the same: you want to get a profit. It is nice to make $1000 a day, but not at the cost of $1200 of your own money.


According to the video, as a promoter of products and services online, you need two things to profit: traffic and leads. Good traffic will get prospects into the door, and which turns them into interested leads, and marketing to them will convert them to buyers. This is what every successful online marketer and major company does.





Every business has specific fixed costs. These are seen in the tools needed to drive traffic and sales. Online businesses are no different. However, most marketers often forget about them, because they seem low at first. In reality, they add up and end up making a significant dent in your potential earnings. For example, if you have a tool that you pay a monthly fee for, you will realize that with time, the little amount you pay each month eventually becomes a significant amount. If you have several such tools, the cumulative effect you are likely to feel is huge.


This is where Traffic Multiplier Pro comes in. The product slashes the costs of your overheads to zero by giving you access to all the tools you need to profit without having to pay for them. This turns everything you make into 100% pure profit.


According to the sales page, the founders spent months researching these softwares, and they found several free software that do the exact same job that paid software did. To test out their new system, they replaced these paid software with the free ones and achieved the same results they had with the paid software, sometimes even better results. After making this discovery, they packaged these products into one and are now offering it to you as Traffic Multiplier Pro.


Traffic multiplier discount



The product is marketed as an all in one traffic and profit solution. At the end of the video, he tells you that the product is being offered at a heavily discounted price for a limited period. Which was true, because it was offered to me for only $17, which was reduced to $9 when I tried to exit the page without making a purchase. It also comes with Clickbank’s 30-day money back guarantee.





With Traffic Multiplier, you get a free page builder that has all the features of mainstream paid page builders, free push notification software, and an email autoresponder that lets you send unlimited emails for free.


With Traffic Multiplier Pro, you will be building two different types of lists: email and push notifications. You are also getting paid as you build them, and taking advantage of multiple platforms to maximize profits. They call this the 3-in-1 Triple Threat system.





The members’ area is supposed to have a section where you are given links to the free tools they are talking about and tutorials that will walk you through how to use these tools to drive traffic and generate leads. You will finally be shown how to scale up your income using these tools and the Traffic Multiplier Pro system.


Apart from the “Triple Threat System”, here are a few other features, benefits and promises that this product says it offers:


1. Hassle-Free Affiliate System WITHOUT ANY paid tools or services

2. Multiply your profits in ANY niche

3. ZERO experience or technical skills needed

4. Build TWO highly profitable lists IN ONE with free traffic

5. ZERO product creation needed

6. SCALE your income to lifestyle income – once you’re ALREADY in profit

7. Get paid UPFRONT for 100% risk-free profits


When you log in to the membership area, you gain access to two things: the training and the software.


The training part is basically a collection of instructional videos showing you how to use the platform and how to set up the software. Here are some video titles to give you some idea of what to expect:


– Overview of this method

– How to set up your site

– How to create your page

– How to create additional pages

– How to set up the browser notifications

– How to set up the email capture

– How to set up the Facebook Pixel

– How to send the emails

– How to send further notifications


The final video of the training is a demo video showing you everything you have learned in action.





traffic multiplier claim


Traffic Multiplier Pro makes a series of very bold claims. For one, at the very top of their sales page, they say this product can help you “Generate Traffic, Leads & Sales In 60 Seconds – USING 100% FREE TOOLS!” Well that’s quite a stretch, is it not? Very few websites get that kind of action, and fewer still even manage to make consistent sales every 60 seconds as they claim. I am pretty sure that even the Traffic Multiplier site itself does not make these kinds of sales. It actually takes way longer than 60 seconds to set things up. Basically, what Traffic Multiplier is saying is that the moment you buy this product and start using it you can expect to get instant results. I think that’s more than a little misleading.


They also say that you do not need a website to drive traffic and make sales in your affiliate marketing business. Anyone who has been following my blog would know that I strongly disagree with this. A website is an essential part of any affiliate marketing business.


You need it to build your audience, to interact with your readers and to grow their trust. A good website offers a platform that you can use to provide high quality, helpful content to your readers. When they consistently consume quality, useful content from you, they begin to trust you and to realize that you actually know what you are talking about. Only then will they be happy to buy the products you pitch to them. So, when Traffic Multiplier says you do not need a website in this business, I can’t help but wince a little. A website is the backbone of an affiliate marketer’s business. So, once again, this is very misleading.


They also make lots of other similar claims, such as how everyone can achieve success with this product in less than 24 hours, how you will finally be able to spend less time working but still make lots of money, and how you can go in flat broke and get leads by the end of the day. This is all hype with no trace of truth in them.


Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a pretty cool all in one system. You may actually even see an increase in sales figures if you use it as your primary traffic and lead generation tool. There are just a number of issues and claims that they make that I completely disagree with. It is easy to be extremely disappointed with this product when you do not get the kind of results you hoped for when buying it.


email list


Also, although it claims that it will help you build two types of lists: email and push notifications, it very aggressively pushes for Push Notifications at the expense of email. Push Notifications are great, but they are not that effective. Whenever you visit any website and you get one of those little boxes asking whether you would like to stay updated with notifications, I can wager that you always click ‘Don’t Allow’ or ‘Decline’. Traffic Multiplier Pro makes it sound like your business will crash and burn if you do not use these push notifications, claiming they are better than building an email subscriber list. Again, I have to disagree with them on this.


Traffic Multiplier also offers no actual ways to help you drive traffic to your site. It’s quite ironic, I know. There is no training on how to drive traffic to your website. All you get is a bonus video that explains the difference between paid and free traffic. This is more than a little disappointing. For a system whose entire model is hinged on taking advantage of traffic, the fact that it does nothing to help you get this traffic even though it promises exactly this in the sales page is very disappointing. I’m guessing they are counting on you actually sourcing your own traffic, or your site enjoying some good traffic in the first place, so you can take advantage of their tools to boost this already existing traffic. So, if you are a complete beginner looking for a way to get some of that traffic flowing in, this might not be for you.


traffic multiplier verdict




First of all, it was refreshing to see an informative pitch video on the Traffic Multiplier website as opposed to the typical hype-y videos I had become accustomed to on such sites. I have to give them props for that.


Traffic Multiplier is a combination of a list building system, a sales funnel, and a traffic generation course. I believe it performs the first two roles quite well while failing completely as a traffic generation resource.

As a list building system, it is quite innovative in the way it helps you build your list in two ways. I assume they focused on Push Notifications because many established affiliate marketers already understand how email autoresponders work. However, does glossing over email make them beginner friendly? NO. Anyway, even if you find them annoying, push notifications are here to stay, and it is nice to have a platform where you can set them up and experiment with them at your leisure after paying the initial fee. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra way to reach your audience.


The sales funnel is also ok, because it allows you to promote your affiliate products with their system. That being said, I think the system still needs a little fine-tuning, because as it still leaves out a lot of stuff and essential tools that you would need to achieve the kind of success they describe, especially when it comes to traffic generation.


However, can you make money with Traffic Multiplier Pro? Very likely. If you at least have some idea about how to harness the power this product puts in your hand, it can really help you boost your sales. In my opinion, though, this product is not meant for complete beginners. If you are completely new to online business, you will might end up losing money by purchasing Traffic Multiplier and its upsells.


I have always believed that the best way to get started in any online business is to build it from the ground up. If you are a complete beginner, I urge you to do it right. Amass your audience with good, consistent content and organic traffic through SEO. When the time is right for you to use some of these tools, you will know, and you will be more experienced and wiser by that time to make an informed decision. Until then, take it easy, go organic, and understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Far too many people have gotten burnt by going for get-rich-quick schemes. Do not be one of them.


Traffic Multiplier is not one of those scammy products that I unfortunately come across all the time (and review here on this site). Having said that, I know for a fact that you will not make money is 60 seconds or 24 hours. There are no push button solutions.


I encourage you to check out a training program and community that I have been a member of for years. It has all the in depth training that you will need to succeed in affiliate marketing. The training is structured and incremental with a logical progression. The tools are unbelievable, and they are free. Best of all, you can join the community for free. You can stay on as a free member however long you like. I hope you go and take a look because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!






I hope you found this review helpful.  Please leave me your comments and your thoughts below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


To your affiliate success!


Mike A

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