How To Become A Successful Online Affiliate – 4 Essential Tips

how to become a successful online affiliate

Affiliate marketing is hands down the best way to build an online passive income. This article will show you how to become a successful Online Affiliate.


Different people get into it for different reasons. Some people need a little extra money to make ends meet. Others simply want to supplement their current incomes, or to fatten up their retirement accounts a little. Many more people do it because they want to make it their main source of income.


When all is said and done, the reasons for getting into it do not really matter. Affiliate marketing, if done right, will work wonders for you no matter who you are or why you are doing it. This article will show you how to become a successful online affiliate.

So how can you become a successful online affiliate? This article will take a bit of a different path to answer this question. . In today’s article, I will tell you the things to avoid if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer.







Too many new affiliate marketers quit before they even have a chance to make a single dime. This is because very few people have the patience to stick with one tried and proven method.


We all want to set up shop today and make millions tomorrow. The reality, however, is that affiliate marketing, just like any other business, takes time and effort to build up. If you are not patient, you will not last long in the affiliate marketing business.


There are no shortcuts.


You need to invest your time and effort if you want to succeed. If you forget this simple fact of life, you will fall for any one of the many distractions that you will definitely come across.


In the affiliate marketing space, there are so many scammy products that promise thousands of dollars almost literally overnight.


These can be very tempting to many new affiliate marketers. In fact, most affiliate marketers throw sense to the wind and abandon their blueprints to jump on the newest bandwagon, no matter how ridiculous it is.


It is quite understandable, because many people are not armed with the information they need to make the right decisions.


You need to be smart in this business. Do not fall prey to this shiny object syndrome. Stick with your blueprint and be ready for the long haul. Always remember that the most rewarding experience is the one you worked hardest for.

help instead of sell



As a new affiliate marketer, it is common to anxiously wait for that first sale. And the rush that comes with making your first dollar is addictive enough to make you want to make more and more. The whole online business scene being as young as it is means that even the most veteran affiliate marketer will clearly remember what it felt like to make that first dollar.


The excitement and newfound drive to go even harder that comes with this initial success is completely normal and happens to everyone. We all want to make sales and commissions and to rake in that money.


However, to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to think differently. You need to make a conscious shift from this mentality. Our primary duty and our job is to help our customers. Helping our customers means making their lives easier.


This is why we research the best products and solutions and recommend them to our readers, then let them decide if they want to purchase these products. The decision on what to buy or what not to buy rests squarely on the shoulders of the client.


This is where affiliate marketers need to tread carefully. No one wants to feel like they have been turned into someone else’s personal ATM. You do not want to become the online equivalent of a used car salesman. Help your customers and they will trust you enough to gladly buy products from you without feeling used. This is the only way to succeed as an affiliate marketer.





This kind of goes hand in hand with the previous point. Having way too many products means that you are focusing too much on making a sale and not enough on the customer experience. Unfortunately, this is usually very apparent to most new affiliate marketers, and it can adversely affect your business.


As an affiliate marketer, you need to do your research very thoroughly and determine what the ultimate best product is. You need to know which is hands down that one great product in your niche, or at the very least, a maximum of two really great products.


By the time you narrow down to these products like this, you will be absolutely confident that your recommendations are the absolute best for your customer. As long as you are sure and confident enough to stand by your decision, you are heading in the right direction. Your confidence will carry and show through your content. This confidence will translate into more trust from your readers. Eventually this trust will lead to increased sales.


Having too many products makes your business difficult to manage. It is difficult to track and analyze the performance of each product, and to determine what needs optimization or what is no longer working for you. Not only that, it makes you seem like you are just out to make money off your readers. Your readers will feel tricked and cheated when you keep shoving products in their faces. This ultimately makes your readers lose faith in you, and that will translate to a loss in revenue in the long run.

be patient



One of the most important things that affiliate marketers need to understand is that success will never come overnight. Even businesses that look like they have achieved overnight success in reality will usually have done a lot of groundwork before coming to market.


As an affiliate marketer, you need to be committed enough and willing to working several long months before you see any income, because this is a possible scenario in this business. You need to cultivate a culture of patience and waiting for things to happen in their own time. This makes affiliate marketing a labor of passion for the most part. Be patient and love what you do, and the money will start coming in eventually.



Slog through the hard times. Yes, it is difficult to write content day in and day out without getting disheartened. It is even more difficult to write content knowing that barely anyone is reading it. You just need to take heart and have faith in the fact that this process is a tried and true method of doing things, therefore as long as you stick with it, you will make it in the end.


Do not be like most people who try their hand at affiliate marketing; don’t quit before experiencing your first success. Aim to be different. Be patient. Success is on its way.



Check out this cool infographic that explains it all quite nicely!


how to become a successful affiliate marketer infographic

Affiliate marketing is a journey that takes commitment, dedication and hard work. Like any journey, you will be sure to meet many obstacles and barriers on your way to success. How you handle them is what will determine whether you will be a success or a failure in this business. If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, here is what not to do:


  • Falling for the Shiny Object Syndrome. You will undoubtedly come across hundreds of products in your niche that promise to help you make thousands of dollars in mere weeks or months, even as a novice. It can be hard to resist them, but you need to think smart. Be wise and stick to your blueprint. A little resilience goes a long way.


  • Selling instead of helping. The primary goal of your business should be to add value to the lives of your customers. If all you are doing is selling them stuff, you risk making them feel like your own personal ATMs. Build trust in them by consistently producing original, quality and useful content and they will learn to trust you and the products you recommend.


  • Being impatient. Success in affiliate marketing never comes overnight. It takes time, dedication and hard work. If you are not patient enough, you will likely give up just before the tides are about to turn in your favor. And that will be an even more unfortunate loss.


As long as you avoid these pitfalls, affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative source of passive income for you. Stick to your blueprint, create value for your readers, and be patient in your business. This is the best way to become a successful online affiliate.


I keep referring to a blueprint in all my posts. It is absolutely key to your success to have a step-by-step process that will take away the guesswork and focus your efforts on the things you absolutely need to succeed,


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I hope that you enjoyed reading this post. Visit my article tips on how to become a successful affiliate marketer for more info on this subject.


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To your affiliate success!



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  1. Indeed, patience is key! And hard work. As a beginner in affiliate marketing, I feel that this is a very helpful article!

    • Hi Stef,

      Hang in there! You will see results very soon. Thanks for your comment and good luck!

  2. Hi Mike, great post and full of good stuff i have bookmarked this because i’m going to watch the vid later.

    • Hi Dave,

      Glad you enjoyed the content. Please let me know if you have any questions, I am here to help!

  3. Great post, there is a lot of helpful information here. The key as you mentioned, is patience. People tend to get distracted when they don’t see immediate tangible results.

    • Hi Courtney! Patience and perseverance are absolutely needed to succeed in affiliate marketing. The excitement will wane after the first month or two and that is when people need to dig deep and believe in the process. After the first commission, motivation sky-rockets and things get a lot easier!

  4. reading all these blog about making money online, I see 1 common theme is anyone can do it but this article highlights what makes 1 succeed and that is patience and dedication. thanks for that.

    • Thanks for your comment! You nailed it! Anyone can succeed in affiliate marketing if they have the right blueprint. But patience and dedication are the most important ingredients to get you past the first few months where you will be putting in the work but not necessarily reaping the financial rewards.

  5. Really great information! It is really easy to give up if you expect to start making money immediately from affiliate marketing. Perseverance is the key!

    • Hi Mariette! Thanks for your commment. It is important to stick with it and to manage expectations.

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