Profit Genesis 2.0 Review – Is It For Real?

I stumbled upon Profit Genesis 2.0 on accident a few days ago as I was doing a review for a different ClickBank product. I decided to check the product out too. It claimed that it could help anyone, no matter their age or experience level, to make upwards of $10,000 every week. So, had I just stumbled upon the holy grail of online business? Or is it all hype? This review will help you make that decision for yourself.


Product Being Reviewed:  Profit Genesis 


Profit Genesis 2.0 Review



Profit Genesis 2.0 is a ClickBank product that promises to help you make over $10,000 consistently every week. The product retails for $37. After signing up with the fee, you gain access to a special members’ area where you will be shown how to make money with a secret system starting on the very first day. Within only 10 clicks! According to the founder, a David Miller, all you have to do is follow a simple three step process: watch the videos, follow the instructions, and make money! The system is also fully automated, so it will require very minimal input on your part.


The first thing you see when you load up the Profit Genesis 2.0 website is the pitch video. By now, I have seen so many of these pitch videos that I have noticed they almost always follow a 7-part formula:


1. The Introduction


This is where the speakers introduce themselves. More than 90% of these videos are usually in a PowerPoint presentation format with a voice over. The name given is usually an untraceable pen name. You’ll never know who the person selling the product to you is or what they look like.


2. The Testimonials


You will be shown testimonials from other people before you who have had much success with the product. These will usually be short clips of people raving about the product and how much money they have made and how much their lives have changed. There will always be a mix of gender, race and age, to make sure that you identify with at least one of them. Almost 100% of the time these are paid actors from Fiverr.


3. The Personal Story


The narrator will share his personal story, which is always a grass to grace story that tugs at the heartstrings. Then they always give an altruistic reason for choosing to share the money-making system with the world, now that they know it works.


4. The Profit Statements


These are always unverifiable pictures of crazy profits that they have supposedly made from the system. You may see them once or a few times throughout the video, with the promise that even you can make that kind of money if you buy the product.


5. The Promises


This is what they bait you with. Promises of a life-changing amount of money and what it could do for you are strewn liberally throughout the video. Questions you can identify with, pictures of a luxurious life, and statements that resonate with your current situation are all used to make sure you pay attention and don’t lose focus. Often, almost the entire video could be full of promises, with nothing being said about the product itself.


6. The Product


If they do talk about the product, they will very rarely tell you what it actually does or how it works. What established system does it use? They will say it is not any of the established known income generation streams like affiliate marketing or surveys. ‘Secret websites’ and ‘top secret methods’ all fall into this category. If you do hear anything about the product, expect to hear only good things.


7. The Ask


This is usually saved for the end of the video. They will make you feel like the money they are asking for is a small price to pay for a life of luxury and wealth. They will throw the ClickBank money back guarantee in your face to show you that you really have nothing to lose. Then they will insist on the fact that you have already been missing out by not signing up sooner, so you need to do it now to avoid missing out on making lots of money. Or they will say that the site won’t be up for very long, so you need to hurry up or get shut out.


These 6 parts are not always in the same order, and sometimes they may even be split up and strewn throughout the video, like in the case of the promises and the income proof statements. The only constant is the ask, which always falls at the end of the video.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a video that is structured in this way. In fact, I am pretty sure that some of the products that use this formula are actually quite legitimate. It’s just that so many scammers out there use the same video formula to lie to people and take their hard-earned money from them that they have given the entire system a bad name. You can’t help but be cautious when you see such a pitch video.


Yes, I know I clearly started looking into Profit Genesis 2.0 from a point of skepticism. Who wouldn’t? It did sound too good to be true, and I knew better than not to think twice. So did its pitch video check all the boxes? Here is a breakdown:





The video starts with testimonials. The first lady makes $14000 a week, the next person makes $1250 every 35 minutes, and the third person earns $8500 every 6 days. We are told that none of the three people initially believed that making money online was even possible until they saw the Profit Genesis presentation video.


The speaker then introduces himself as David Miller and promises to change your life in the next 2 minutes. He says he can show you how to gain access to a secret system that allows anyone to pull in huge profits.


Profit genesis 2.0 intro


He then shows his monthly profit statements with $306,947.70 in May 20


18, $255,104.11 in April 2018, and $254,961.80 in March. He claims to have made over 2 million dollars online in the last year using the same system he wants to now share.


More testimonials follow. Someone made over $800 the first night in 10 clicks. The next woman says the system saved her family. The third guy says he has made over $300,000 in six months.


David claims his system is something completely new, with nothing to do with MLMs, Bitcoins, paid surveys or Amazon. He says his system is definitely not a scam.


Then comes the personal story. Just 5 years ago, David was a plumber with a 5-year-old daughter. He wanted a better life, so he started looking into online money-making methods. He fell for many scams and lost most of his money. He almost lost custody of his daughter because he could not afford to take care of her. When he hit rock bottom, he decided to change his life. He made a promise to God that if he succeeded, he will dedicate his life to helping others make money too. A few days later, he met an ex-Google employee who shared with him a weird money-making loophole that allows you to tap into a hidden 7-billion-dollar internet goldmine. He immediately went home and tried it. In 15 minutes, he was set up, and in an hour, he had made $47.90. He had made $563.14 by the end of the day.


Profit Genesis 2.0 Income Statement


He recorded his steps and turned it into a system when he saw it worked. He decided to make good on his promise to God. He shared his system with his Bible Study class. Two of them tried and were soon making over $2000 every week. He decided to package the system and call it Profit Genesis 2.0.


According to David, the first version of Profit Genesis went on to help over 3500 people to make money online. He tweaked it and made it better, leading to Profit Genesis 2.0. With Profit Genesis 2.0, you can start making money in 3 simple steps, which do not take more than 15 minutes a day. He says the Profit Genesis system works on autopilot, so you can start making money 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


David then tells us a little about the product. According to him, with his system, you can get sales from selling thousands of products without touching a single one. You do not deal with product development, inventory, or take any risk upon yourself. You do not have to spend money on web design and software. You do not need any prerequisite skills.


He then says he could realistically charge over $1000 for his system and get paying clients. Instead, he is going to give you everything for just $37, because he made a promise to God. You have to hurry, though, because you are already losing out on making money online. Besides, you have nothing to lose. If you do not like it, you can always take advantage of the ClickBank 100% money back guarantee.


So, did the video check all the boxes? Definitely. And he is clearly selling a drop shipping course. I was about to exit the page when I noticed an option for a text pitch. I decided to read that too.


The text pitch is basically the same as the video, with a few stark inconsistencies, especially in his story. In the text version, it was his high school friend, Benny, who showed him how to make money from home after he went to his mansion to do some plumbing work. It was also Benny, not God, who made him promise to share his money-making secrets with others. Also, the first people he showed his new system in the text version were his friends from a Facebook group, not a Bible Study group.


The biggest difference, though, is the value of the product you get in the text version as compared to the video version.


In the text version, you get better value when you buy the product, because he throws in some of the upsells he has saved up, including his $197 Speed Success Secrets, his $297 List of Top 10 High Demand Products, and his $497 Speed Cash Profits eBook. Yep. You read that right. A $497 eBook, and a $297 top 10 list. At least you get them all with your $47 purchase if you take the time to read the text instead of watching the video.


By this point, you can be 100% sure that when you buy the product, you will be hit with upsell after upsell until you spend way more than the $37. Even if you do decide to get your money back, ClickBank does not offer a guarantee on the value of upsells, so you will only be getting $37 back. That would definitely hurt especially after you buy a $497 eBook.


Here is the best part: When you try to exit the page, you are hit with a popup offering you the $37 product for just $1. Yes, I was shocked, too.





Profit Genesis 2.0 is basically talking about dropshipping. There is no ‘secret method’ and there is no ‘internet loophole’. Many people today are dropshipping through sites like Shopify and making money off it. It is indeed possible to make thousands of dollars every week as a drop shipper. But it is nowhere near as easy as Profit Genesis 2.0 would have you believe.


Dropshipping is a business model where you sell a company’s or another person’s products without buying it or handling any of it yourself. The way it works is simple: you partner up with a supplier, then set up a Shopify store selling the supplier’s products. In your Shopify store, the price you list the product at is slightly higher than the actual buying price. When someone buys the product, they pay you, and you buy the product for them directly from the supplier. The supplier then ships the product out to your customer. You get your cut, the customer gets their product, and your supplier gets his money. Everyone is happy.


However, that is the sunshine and rainbows side of dropshipping. What Profit Genesis 2.0 does not want you to know is the fact that dropshipping is anything but this simple. First of all, it can take years to cultivate your business to a level where you are making thousands each week. If you want to get there faster, you will have to spend a lot of money on paid advertising and paid traffic. It can be very expensive.


Secondly, the profitability of niches online can change within the blink of an eye. For example, selfie sticks came out of nowhere and became all the rage for a few months. If you decided to go all in and invest in advertising for them, barely a couple of months later you would have had nothing to show for it.


A Shopify plan does not also come cheap. The basic plan is $29 a month, and the best plan is $299 a month. Then you pay 30 cents per transaction on top of that.


All that and you haven’t even counted the headaches you will get from dealing with difficult client and customer service, along with taking care of refunds and learning about your products. If you want to work for 1 hour a day, you will also need to hire someone to take care of everything while you are away, and that also costs money.


In the end, you will realize that so much more goes into dropshipping than David Miller would want you to believe. When you add all that to the $37 he is asking for, without counting the unavoidable upsells, you are looking at a pretty sizable investment. Is it worth it? You tell me.





Profit Genesis 2.0 does give you some value for your money. The introductory course to dropshipping is definitely worth something, and you might even make a lot more than $37 if you follow their instructions. However, a quick Google search will reveal hundreds of money-making websites with much more free detailed information from first-hand experience. They are clearly better authorities on the matter than faceless David Miller.


Profit Genesis 2.0 income


On the bright side, if you buy the product, you can always ask for your money back if you are not impressed with the results you get. Just be careful not to get the numerous upsells, because you will not be getting a refund for those.


What if I told you that there is a free online training program that will show you, step-by-step, what you need to know to make real, sustainable money online? I have followed that same program to make enough side income to NOT worry about my finances. It’s not Lambo money, but it makes me feel safe in the knowledge that I can generate online income whenever I need it.






I really hope you take me up on my offer! After all, It is completely free. No credit card needed!



To your Affiliate Success,


Mike A

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